DAIRY CREST AWARDS (courtesy of Mr Mark Allen)

Most Online Donations
2017 Mark Allen (119)
2015  Bill Taylor (188)
2014  Eric Newnham (207)
2012  Dave Shack (161)

Karaoke Champion
2017  Charles Scott
2015  Helen Curl
2014  Adam Tyrer
2012  Eric Newnham

Most Improved Cyclist
2017  Luke Thomas
2015  Amanda Bluemel
2014  Carol Tindley

Andy Matthews Mr Nice Guy Award
2017  Michael Hole
2015  Luke Burdess
2014  Alex Milas
2012  Michael Hole

Survival against the Odds
2017  Jason Peers
2015  Howard Johnson
2014  Mark Fuller
2012  Jason Peers

Most Entertaining Truant
2017  Barry Drinkwater
2015  John Cooney
2014  Tom Baigrie
2012  Barry Drinkwater

Rookie of the Year
2017  John Phillips
2015  Tim Clark
2014  Frank McGowan
2012  Carol Tindley

2015  Carol Tindley
2014  Jo Carter
2012  Robin Moore

Best Fancy Dress
2017  Rachel Luckhurst

Special Achievement Award
(only awarded on occasion for outstanding achievement)
2017  John Cooney – For going above and beyond and raising over £19,000 for the Truants from his hospital bed while very seriously ill.  With typical wit he did this by getting sponsorship for growing a moustache! He was sadly unable to make the India ride but the funds he raised made the difference to us passing the £600K target point and setting a new Truant record of £605,000 for a ride. Tragically John has since passed away to that great big cycling track (or row boat) in the sky. We miss his spirit immensely,

2012 Sara Bennie- For bravely being the only lady….